Beccles, Ixworth and Saxmundham Free Schools celebrate GCSE results 2017

All three schools in the Seckford Foundation Free Schools Trust have been celebrating their 2017 GCSE achievements.

James Wellesley Wesley, Chair of Seckford Foundation Free Schools Trust Board, said:

“We are very pleased with the progress that students have made across Beccles, Ixworth and Saxmundham Free Schools where all three schools are celebrating their results today. Our ethos is about providing a foundation for life and all our students are progressing into their chosen destinations for further education. We congratulate them and wish them every success for the future.”

Ixworth Free School, which opened in 2014, has celebrated its first set of GCSE results this year. Out of 35 GCSE students in total, 71% achieved at least a Grade 4 in English and maths. Niki King, Headteacher at Ixworth Free School, said: “I am very proud of the progress that students have made since the school opened in 2014. It is excellent to see a number of top grades of 8 and 9 have been achieved with the newly reformed GCSEs. We wish all our students success for the future as they progress on to further education.”

Top achievers at Ixworth Free School include John Neaverson, who achieved two 9 grades (equivalent to A**), one A* and seven A’s. John, who lives in Ixworth and was Head Boy at the school, has won a place at Hills Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge. He said: “I am delighted and really excited to be able to go on to study for A levels in politics, history and economics.”

Blythe Brunt from Ixworth Free School, who lives in Bardwell, achieved one grade 9, a grade 6, one A*, three A’s and four B’s. She is shortly moving to London with her parents and said: “I am really pleased with my results. I want to get into costume design and I’ll be going onto study for A levels at a sixth form college in London in subjects including Art and Textiles.”

At Saxmundham Free School, 65% of the 37 GCSE students achieved at least a Grade 4 in English and maths. David Lees, Headteacher at Saxmundham Free School, said: “It is fantastic to see the strong progress made by our students, particularly in English and maths. This is our first group of students who started and completed their secondary education at Saxmundham Free School, and I would like to congratulate them all for their hard work and wish them every success for their future.”


Top achievers at Saxmundham Free School included Mark Spicer, age 16, who was thrilled with his grade 8 in English and maths, which is equivalent to an A* grade, as well as achieving two A*’s, three A’s and three B’s at GCSE. Mark, who has attended Saxmundham Free School since Year 7, is looking forward to studying at One sixth-form college in Ipswich where he’ll work towards A Level qualifications in accountancy, maths, economics and ancient history.

Mark said: “I’m really pleased with my results and I’m looking forward to going to One sixth-form college next month. Eventually I want to work as a banker in either London or New York, which is exciting.”

16-year-old Faye Hickey-Martin from Saxmundham Free School was delighted with her grade 7 in English and maths. She also achieved two A*s and five As, and has secured a place at Colchester Royal Grammar School from September, where she’ll study maths, physics, French and geography. Faye has enjoyed her time at Saxmundham Free School since joining in Year 9. Outside of school, Faye has an interesting hobby of flying micro-planes, which she hopes to progress with a career as pilot after finishing her A Levels.

Edward Paulley from Saxmundham Free School was very pleased with his grade 8 in maths and grade 6 in English, as well as 2A*s and four As. Edward was Deputy Head Boy at Saxmundham Free School last year and he also took part in the Combined Cadet Force for 2 years. Edward is looking forward to studying history, economics and politics at A Level at Thomas Mills High School.

At Beccles Free School 61% of the 33 students achieved at least a Grade 4 in English and maths. Nigel Youngman, Headteacher at Beccles Free School, said: “I am delighted with the progress that our students have made and we are very pleased that many students have achieved top grades of 7, 8 and 9 (equivalent to A, A* or higher). The results reflect the hard work of our students, the commitment of our staff and supportive parents.”

Lily Taylor, age 16 from Lowestoft, was delighted with her GCSE results, particularly her grade 9 (equivalent to an A**) in English language, which she worked really hard to achieve. Lily also achieved a grade 7 in English literature, a grade 8 in maths plus four A*s, one A and one B. Her favourite subject is geography, which she’s looking forward to studying at A Level at East Norfolk College next month, as well as studying biology, maths and law.

Lily joined Beccles Free School in Year 10 and was Head Girl this year. She said: “I’ve had a great experience at Beccles Free School, everyone has been really supportive and my two siblings are looking forward to starting school here in September.”

Jakk Jackson, age 15, was really pleased with his results despite a challenging year where he has been receiving treatment for a heart complaint at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Jakk achieved a grade 7 in English literature, grade 5 in English language and maths, plus three Bs and two Cs. He’s now off to Lowestoft Sixth Form to study towards a BTEC in Business.

Jakk said: “I’ve worked really hard this year and I’m really happy with my results. The school has been so supportive and I’ve really enjoyed my time here.”